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Sep. 2011 – Jul. 2015

B.A. New Media Art, Beijing Jiaotong University

Sep. 2015 – Jul. 2018

M.A. Interdisciplinary Program of Art & Science, Tsinghua University

Sep. 2018 – Present

PhD Candidate. Information Art & Design, Tsinghua University

Projects & Publications

Yao Yuan
Ph.D student

Human-Environment Interaction, 2018-present

Research on Public User Behavior analysis with Alibaba

Computational Aesthetics, 2018-2019

Research on Computational Aesthetics with HUAWEI

Shybo, 2017

Research on edutainment robot – “Shybo”


Computer-Aided Design & Computer Graphics, 2020, Journal paper

Yuan Yao, Junai Cai, Ziyan Xiao, Wenbo Yang and Haiepng Mi. A Behavior Driven Method for Dynamic Visual Information Design[J]. Journal of Computer-Aided Design & Computer Graphics, 2020

CHI 2020, Extended Abstracts

Yuan Yao, Weiwei Zhang, Soojeong Yoo, Callum Parker, Jihong Jeung. Exploring the Use of Drones for Taking Accessible Selfies with Elderly. In Proceedings of Interdisciplinary Workshop on Human-Drone Interaction (iHDI 2020) CHI ’20 Extended Abstracts.

HCII 2019, Paper

Yuan Yao, Chao Wang, Minghao He, Chuyi Yan, Robert Elder, Chen Zhao, and Haipeng Mi. Big Screen Is Watching Me?: A study on the attractiveness and reading efficiency of a rotating screen. In Proceedings of Human-Computer Interaction International (HCII 2019).

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