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Du Jiachen

Conversational Interaction Design and Intelligent Agents


Sep.2015 - Jun.2019Bachelor of Engineering, Department of Forestry and Chemical Engineering, Beijing Forestry University

Sep.2021 - April.2023MSc in Data Science, Department of Applied Mathematics, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Sep.2023 - PresentJoint PhD student(Jeung Jihong & Haipeng Mi), Information Art & Design, Tsinghua University

Projects & Publications

Arithmetic Networking and Edge Computing Application Project, Mar.2020 - Sep.2021Preparation and performance of chiral nematic nanocellulose membrane, Sep.2018 - Jun.2019

CICAI 2023

Jiachen Du, Boyang Jia and Xinyi Fu*. Space Brain: An AI Autonomous Spatial Decision System. The CAAI International Conference on Artificial Intelligence 2023

Co-mentor: Jeung Jihong

Du Jiachen
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