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New Dynamic Embroidery Work Debuted on CCTV-1

Collaborating with a famous inheritor of Suzhou embroidery, Xue Zhang, Prof. Mi and the team created a new dynamic Suzhou embroidery work --- Orchids and Butterflies.

Inherited the technique used in Mulan, we embedded customized Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) strings in the wings of butterflies and the petals of orchid flowers. With a precise control, the embroidery butterfly will swing its wings and the orchid flower will blossom.

This work was invited to participate a TV program shooting, called China in the Intangible Culture Heritage. The program was broadcasted on May 2nd, 2023 on CCTV-1.

Famous TV host, Sa Beining, and former president of Forbidden City Museum, Shan Jixiang, experienced the interaction with the dynamic embroidery.

Dynamic Suzhou embroidery -- Orchids and Butterflies

At shooting site - from lett: Mi Haipeng, Yang Tongshu, Shan Jixiang, Sa Beining, Zhang Xue

Poster of China in Intangible Culture Heritage

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