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Dynamic Thermochromic Chinese Painting Project

In the field of traditional art, artists are constantly seeking new ideas and changes, but the innovative ideas and dimensions are still within the scope of traditional crafts and materials, and it is difficult to achieve breakthrough innovations. The project team incorporated new materials and new technologies into traditional Chinese art. On the basis of respecting the general creative law of traditional art, they explored its innovative expression methods, and tried to universalize the creation process of new forms of art, so that more users can enjoy the fun of creation.

Inspired by the folk stunt "Qiancai Painting", the project team made a second creation based on the classic Chinese painting "Nine Orchids". Combining the thermochromic painting process and temperature control technology, the orchids can disappear and grow in sequence, allowing the original static picture to be dynamically presented. We hope to give the possibility of dynamic narrative to the claborate-style painting and expand the creative space of artists. In the combination of art and technology, we respect the creation techniques of claborate-style painting, and hide all the electronic components behind the frame to display as close to traditional Chinese painting as possible.


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