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This work demonstrates the application prospects of digital technology in traditional art creation. The painting utilizes the characteristic of thermochromic pigments and is divided into two parts: a tranquil and peaceful night sky, and a lively and brilliantly lit amusement park. As the temperature drops, the entire picture gradually darkens, as if the night has fallen. But as the temperature rises, the stars, moon, and lights in the amusement park gradually emerge, creating a beautiful and stunning effect. The painting is full of vitality and life due to the interplay of light and color, and it gives the viewer a sense of being transported into the scene. Whether it is the crowd in the amusement park or the stars in the sky, the painting exudes a mysterious and captivating beauty, expressing the mystical, dreamy, fantastic, and romantic atmosphere of the nighttime amusement park. The amusement facilities in the painting sparkle in the darkness, like stars, leaving a profound impression on the viewer. Furthermore, the use of color and lighting in the painting is also exquisite, giving the picture a strong contrast and sense of depth. We have cleverly used thermochromic pigments in the painting to present different colors and textures, making the entire work more three-dimensional and vivid.

  • Author: Min Fang, Tianyu Yu, Weiye Xu, Haiqing Xu, Haipeng Mi


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