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Cells are the smallest units of life, which, through their orderly exchange of energy with the surrounding environment, thus constitute the form of a complete life. If one day life starts to be simplified, what state will it be in? We try to take advantage of the vivid quality of the liquid itself, combined with the idea of transparency, lightness, detachment, and interlacing (by constantly triggering, flowing, calculating, and transforming to form a picture) to present a new state of life.

  • Authors: Yue Song, Xu Haiqing, Liu Guanhong

  • Technical guidance: Mi Haipeng

  • Photography: Huang Qiujie

  • Post-production: Li Xiang

  • Special thanks : Guo Yang, Gao Mingyue, Xia Minjia, Yu Hang, Ma Xingyu, Li Bowen


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