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Access-23; Surplus-19

Candles bring light and are also a way to communicate with another world. The temperature-sensitive pigments and temperature control devices allow the candles to cycle between burning and extinguishing. The candle can not be lit without electricity. At this time, only the circuit board with the signal light can light up the candles which are used when there is no light or electricity, then the candle becomes a kind of surplus

  • "Access-23, Surplus-19", Graduation Exhibition of Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University, Tsinghua University Art Museum, June 2021

  • "Access-23, Surplus-19", Nutshell Interesting Museum, Beijing INDIGO, October 2021

  • Author: Yunyi Zhang, Guanhong Liu, Zhihao Yao, Tianyu Yu, Haiqing Xu


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